Our focus is wellbeing and health

By providing an easy to use, time and cost-efficient tool, we aim to bring a heightened awareness regarding stress in the workplace. With experience from both the military and civil companies, we make use of identified models and concepts concerning mental health, stress, and wellbeing.

Niclas Wisén

CEO - Lic. Psychologist, retired Officer

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New challanges calls for new methods 

What we do

A web-based tool for assessing work related stress


Cost and time effective solution with high personal involvement.

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A new way of HR management


Weekly ratings build a valid and current assessment of demands and resources, promoting awareness.


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Compare groups, follow up interventions. identify risks etc. with predefined impact factors.


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PWELT is supported by Karolinska Institute’s Innovations incubator DRIVE. KI innovations support startups in the life science area that has a clear scientific foundation and aims at health in general.

You can read more on their homepage here.

Our vision

We believe that PWELT can help reduce the negative effects of work-related stress. A healthy work environment is not only good for individual wellbeing,
it also increases the overall performance of the group.
The beneficial effects of tending to personnel have been known since the 1930s (later coined as the Hawthorn effect). Creating awareness and acting accordingly does not cost money, it saves money.


Future goals

PWELT believes that everybody deserves an as good as possible work environment. Humanitarian, non-government and non-profit organizations are welcome to use PWELT free of charge.*


 *The Free of charge applies to the use of the assessment forms and the HR platform for limited time. Set-up, education/training and technical maintenance excluded.