The Toolset

PWELT admin tool.

The heart of PWELT is the administrative platform. Its a webbased for easy accsess regardless of operation system or harware. It provides the user with multiple option on how to manage the data provided by the "raters" on a weekly basis. Each week an automaticly generated mini rapport will give the user an overview of the current status including trends and observations thar needs to be acted on. In the analysis module simple analysis can be made such as comparing groups, follow up on interventions, se how impactfactors "impact" differently between groups etc. Wanna make deeper analysis! no problem data is exportable as CSV files for subsequent analysis using statistical software or similar.  

One can olso manage raters and frequency (recomended is once a week). 

Assessment form 

The weakly assessment is completed by line leaders on a phone, tablet or computor. all "assessors" will be promted onece a week to fill in the form. estimated time for filling it in is 5-10 min. 

Three of the underlying theoretical constructs that PWELT is built and inspired upon

A Demand- Resource model is the foundation of the concept. Demands must be equal to, or less then the resources, to have a positive balance.

Understanding the dynamic and constant interaction between Demands, resources and results are Key to mangage a healthy environment. 

The COSC (combat operational stresscontrol) continuum. Originates in the US navy/Marine Corps. the assessment are built on the zones from COSC, showing us when ther is deviation towards the right side of the continuum. 

Based on a model by Lazarus the "transactional model". Stressors are affected by our interpretation. If we feel we have the right resources and can adress them in a rational mannerthey lose some their negative impact. our goal is to shift reactions to stressors to a more reational responce compared to a more emotional responce. 


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